In the adopted management plan a mission statement as follows;

Understanding that our present practices are contributing to the depletion of our natural resources, both in the water and on the land, we are to use the wisdom of our custom and tradition together with the modern practices and knowledge to effectively conserve and manage all our natural resources in a sustainable manner in hopes that we will be able to provide for ourselves and our families in a sustainable manner, and leave behind a healthy natural heritage for our children and future generations.”;

Tamil Resources Conservation Trust set its purpose to effectively manage all of Tamil’s natural resources from land to adjacent marine by integrating traditional knowledge and practices, with the modern knowledges and practices. TRCT approach to aim and engage Tamil community and their full support through continuous community updates and engagements.

TRCT identified and prioritize with Tamil Community members the top three (3) priority area of which are the focuses of TRCT today. These identified areas are the community’s Land, Marine and Fresh Water/Watershed area.


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