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Month: March 2016

Tamil Marine Managed Area project

Tamil-Marine-Use-and-Zoning-Map-1Now in the ocean in Tomil, Zoning and Regulations are introduced for the protection of marine resources.

“No-Take Zone” is along the edge of reef from the eastern side to the west and toward the north, or between Pelak and Wanaday Channels. All extractive activities are prohibited. Entry is only permitted by TRCT.

“Warning Zone” is 50 ft (16 m) distance outside the no-take Marine protected area. Entry allowed nut all extractive activities are prohibited.

All marine areas not included in the above zones is “Traditional use Zone.”
Only traditional and customary uses are allowed. All relevant state or municipal laws and regulation apply.

Welcome to TRCT

Please feel free to browse through our pages to learn more about us, projects, and hopes toward our environment. This page was made possible with the help of many of our partners both locally, regionally and internationally. We thank Tamil Municipality, supporters, partners and contributors for making Tamils’s once dream a reality today. Today, we continue our endless journey, and hopeful that with your continued support and contributions to our endeavor, will bear a bright sustainable future for our generations to come. We understand environment challenges faces in this world today, with our wisdom and customary practices merged with the modern knowledge and technology, we aim to sustain our environment and our heritage.



“ANYONE and EVERYONE from Tamil Municipality is a Member.”

Board of Trustees

Vice President, Jeffery Marbey – Teb
Member, Ignatius Urun – Meerur
Member, Aloysius Lubumow – Aff
Treasurer, Stanislaus Faimau – Bugol
Secretary, Raymond P. Pong Dechmur
President, Sean B. G. Kadannged – Maa
Member, Nicolas Gamagag – Thol
Member, Henry Giltamag – Madlay
Paul Yarmad – Doomchuy
Member, Jesse Sugoy – Dabach
Member, Moses Gilinug – Girgey
Tamil Council Ex-officio, Winifred Gurungin – Maa


Chairman, Joseph Defngin – Enforcement Committee
Chairman, Vitus Foneg – Education, Awareness and Outreach Committee
Chairman, Lawrence Pong – Monitoring Committee
Chairman, vacant-fundraising committee

Project Coordinators

Tamil Marine Conservation Area project Coordinator, Janice R. Tamangided
Tamil Watershed project Coordinator, Ezekiel R. Kenfathlee


The Natures Conservancy (TNC)
Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC)
One Reef
Yap State Government
Micronesian Conservation Trust (MCT)
Global Environmental Facilities (GEF)
Risona Foundation
Waseda University



In the adopted management plan a mission statement as follows;

Understanding that our present practices are contributing to the depletion of our natural resources, both in the water and on the land, we are to use the wisdom of our custom and tradition together with the modern practices and knowledge to effectively conserve and manage all our natural resources in a sustainable manner in hopes that we will be able to provide for ourselves and our families in a sustainable manner, and leave behind a healthy natural heritage for our children and future generations.”;

Tamil Resources Conservation Trust set its purpose to effectively manage all of Tamil’s natural resources from land to adjacent marine by integrating traditional knowledge and practices, with the modern knowledges and practices. TRCT approach to aim and engage Tamil community and their full support through continuous community updates and engagements.

TRCT identified and prioritize with Tamil Community members the top three (3) priority area of which are the focuses of TRCT today. These identified areas are the community’s Land, Marine and Fresh Water/Watershed area.



Tamil Resources Conservation Trust (TRCT) is a community grass-root organization established by Tamil Council to manage all natural resources of Tamil municipality and to support other communities in Yap State in managing their natural resources.

TRCT was established in 2011 by the Tamil council and was chartered at the Yap State Government as an NGO in 2013. TRCT developed and adopt its first management plan in June 2013.

In 2014, TRCT lunched their first project, Tamil Marine Managed Area project (Tamil MMA), funded by the Global Environmental Facilities-Small Grants Program (GEF-SGP). In the same year TRCT lunched a TRCT Short-Term Student Learning Program with Waseda University in Japan and also secured funding assistance from the Risona Foundation for its enforcement committee program.

In 2015, TRCT with its local partner Yap Community Action Plan implemented a Watershed Project in Tamil community with supports from Micronesia Conservation Trust and The Nature Conservancy-Palau (TNC-Palau) with the funding support BMUB watershed grant scheme.

In 2016, Tamil Resources Conservation Trust is working closely with ECOPLUS in implementing a Solid Waste Management and Waste Water Management pilot project in Tamil with funding support from JICA.

About our place, TAMIL

structure_TRCTTamil Municipality is one of the ten municipality in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia. In the 2010 census, Tamil municipality’s population is 1,231 and 848 households. In the municipality, there are twelve villages, and of them eleven are occupied. Tamil Municipality has an established municipal council. This council consist of village Chiefs or village representative of each villages of Tamil. The function of this council includes regulation and oversees of community tradition and activities, and overall caretaker of the community interests. Tamil Council oversees all organizations in Tamil which includes Tamil Resources Conservation Trust (TRCT).

About TRCT

Tamil Resources Conservation Trust (TRCT) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) Non-Government Organization (NGO) created in 2011 by the Council of Tamil, Tamil municipality in Yap State Federated States of Micronesia. In January 27 2013, TRCT officially got chartered with the Yap State government as an NGO. TRCT is governed by the Board of Trustees which consist of eleven members, of each is appointed by their respected village, and one councilman as the ex-officio to the Trust appointed by the Tamil Council.

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