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Day: February 27, 2016



The representatives from villages voting for new board members.


The result of the election.


2月26日、TRCTオフィスにおいてTAMIL地区の村の代表全員が集まり、president(会長), Vice-president(副会長), Treasurer(会計), secretary(秘書)を選出する選挙が行われました。投票の結果、会長にGaarad氏が、副会長にMarbey氏が、会計にHenry氏が、秘書にPitmag氏がそれぞれ選出されました。


New Board Members Elected

election_result TRCT_election

On February 26, The election for the board members was held and Mr. Sean Gaarad was elected as the president of TRCT. Vice President will be Marbey, Treasurer will be Henry, and Pitmag will be Secretary.

The election was held by all representatives form villages of the Tamil and each representative vote the names for four positions. Official announcement will be followed soon.

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