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In the adopted management plan a mission statement as follows;

Understanding that our present practices are contributing to the depletion of our natural resources, both in the water and on the land, we are to use the wisdom of our custom and tradition together with the modern practices and knowledge to effectively conserve and manage all our natural resources in a sustainable manner in hopes that we will be able to provide for ourselves and our families in a sustainable manner, and leave behind a healthy natural heritage for our children and future generations.”;

Tamil Resources Conservation Trust set its purpose to effectively manage all of Tamil’s natural resources from land to adjacent marine by integrating traditional knowledge and practices, with the modern knowledges and practices. TRCT approach to aim and engage Tamil community and their full support through continuous community updates and engagements.

TRCT identified and prioritize with Tamil Community members the top three (3) priority area of which are the focuses of TRCT today. These identified areas are the community’s Land, Marine and Fresh Water/Watershed area.



Tamil Resources Conservation Trust (TRCT) is a community grass-root organization established by Tamil Council to manage all natural resources of Tamil municipality and to support other communities in Yap State in managing their natural resources.

TRCT was established in 2011 by the Tamil council and was chartered at the Yap State Government as an NGO in 2013. TRCT developed and adopt its first management plan in June 2013.

In 2014, TRCT lunched their first project, Tamil Marine Managed Area project (Tamil MMA), funded by the Global Environmental Facilities-Small Grants Program (GEF-SGP). In the same year TRCT lunched a TRCT Short-Term Student Learning Program with Waseda University in Japan and also secured funding assistance from the Risona Foundation for its enforcement committee program.

In 2015, TRCT with its local partner Yap Community Action Plan implemented a Watershed Project in Tamil community with supports from Micronesia Conservation Trust and The Nature Conservancy-Palau (TNC-Palau) with the funding support BMUB watershed grant scheme.

In 2016, Tamil Resources Conservation Trust is working closely with ECOPLUS in implementing a Solid Waste Management and Waste Water Management pilot project in Tamil with funding support from JICA.

About our place, TAMIL

structure_TRCTTamil Municipality is one of the ten municipality in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia. In the 2010 census, Tamil municipality’s population is 1,231 and 848 households. In the municipality, there are twelve villages, and of them eleven are occupied. Tamil Municipality has an established municipal council. This council consist of village Chiefs or village representative of each villages of Tamil. The function of this council includes regulation and oversees of community tradition and activities, and overall caretaker of the community interests. Tamil Council oversees all organizations in Tamil which includes Tamil Resources Conservation Trust (TRCT).

About TRCT

Tamil Resources Conservation Trust (TRCT) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) Non-Government Organization (NGO) created in 2011 by the Council of Tamil, Tamil municipality in Yap State Federated States of Micronesia. In January 27 2013, TRCT officially got chartered with the Yap State government as an NGO. TRCT is governed by the Board of Trustees which consist of eleven members, of each is appointed by their respected village, and one councilman as the ex-officio to the Trust appointed by the Tamil Council.

Yap Dayを通してみる伝統継承



昨年から早稲田プロジェクトと関わるようになったYap Dayについて報告します。2月29日~3月1日に開催され、私たちは29日の10時半~13時半、1日の夜(メンズダンスのみ)に参加しました。

Yap Dayは、若い世代に伝統文化を継承していくために始められたものであり、観光客相手ではない。そのためタミルで開催された昨年は、すべてローカルなものにこだわっていた。水道の蛇口をはずし、ライトを使わずに火をつけ明かりを灯し、なによりも伝統衣装でないと入ることが出来なかった。



過日訪れた隣国パラオは、現代的な空間ばかりになり、中国人と日本人の街のようであった。ホテルやレストランは中国系のものばかりが立ち並ぶ。観光地化の現実であると感じた。Yap Dayを通して、ダンスだけではなく、伝統継承とコマーシャル性という二つのバランスは、これからのYapでは慎重に考えていくべきものと思った。



The representatives from villages voting for new board members.


The result of the election.


2月26日、TRCTオフィスにおいてTAMIL地区の村の代表全員が集まり、president(会長), Vice-president(副会長), Treasurer(会計), secretary(秘書)を選出する選挙が行われました。投票の結果、会長にGaarad氏が、副会長にMarbey氏が、会計にHenry氏が、秘書にPitmag氏がそれぞれ選出されました。


New Board Members Elected

election_result TRCT_election

On February 26, The election for the board members was held and Mr. Sean Gaarad was elected as the president of TRCT. Vice President will be Marbey, Treasurer will be Henry, and Pitmag will be Secretary.

The election was held by all representatives form villages of the Tamil and each representative vote the names for four positions. Official announcement will be followed soon.

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